omegle H2H

So i  just had one of the best heart to heart talk in ages tonight on omegle. We spent a solid 3 hours just spilling our hearts out to complete strangers. In that 3 hours she now knows me better than pretty much most of everyone. Relationships, life, school, parents, love, the whole nine yards but now shes gone. Just like a cool breeze on a hard day. For that split second you feel lighter and calm. But then the breeze passes and you get hit the the cold hard fact of life.

I just met one of the most interesting person ever but now she’s simply a memory but i guess that’s the beauty of it. Why spoil the H2H we just had by actually knowing the person. I can smile knowing that someone out there on the other side of the world living a totally different life connected w me and knows me inside out.One of those things in life i guess.

but in hopes of coming across her again, il leave below some meta’s for google to pick up on :p (you can just skip this part)gg

Bye lil miss Brighton, England who’s 16, parents divorced when you were 8, only child, walks 30 mins to school because mum doesn’t drive, doesn’t take shit, got into a fight because of chavs, transferring to another school, hates train, loves final destination & SAW, caught ex kissing another girl, haven’t seen dad in years, spells excilator, does gymnastics, interested in volleyball, went to a paramore concert, doesn’t believe in serious relationships, hates sobby girls, tried going vegetarian but lost to McDonalds, good at english and sucks at maths.


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