Parents, teachers, friends, at first impression they all see us kids as normal people. Living the high standard Bruneian life, having decent families, good education, easy lifestyle and not alot of things to worry about. We’re Bruneians, how can life go wrong? A lot of ways to be honest.

First impressions are called impressions because youre merely skimming on the surface of someone. Yes, we seem happy, yes we have friends, yes we dont need to work, not much in life right now can go awry but no we’re not all fine. As hard as it is to believe a plenty amount of us kids are ‘damaged goods’. We think Brunei is a perfect place to live in but thats not usually the case you see.

People really need to take care of their kids better. As a teenager living at this day and age, you get a good glimpse at all the flaws of our ways. You hear a lot of the fucked up stories experienced by us kids and most of which most adults have no idea of. I swear some of them will make you cry. And worst thing is, we have to keep these things to ourselves cos everyone thinks we’re fine when we’re not.

I admit i’m damaged goods, a lot of my friends are damaged goods, and darn it theres sure to be more kids around Brunei who are too. You could film an entire season of Jerry Springer Brunei edition if you wanted to.

I’m not making much sense i’m sorry but these are just things you need to figure out on ur own. Just remember when next time you see a seemingly happy kid, they might be carrying more baggage than you think.


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