Everyone is a little bit racist

You probably don’t know this but i kind of support racism. I well know how many have been discriminated due to their race and skin color and i agree as much as you do that the world would probably be a better off place without them but to eradicate racism in my opinion is well… stupid.

We have in our head this vision of a world without racism where everyone has equal rights and opportunities and i agree, that does sound like something great but only in theory. In theory communism is the very definition of utopia but every single time someone tries adopt socialism into their country, it never works out cos it just goes against human nature.

In contrast, we are trying to do just that when we say we’re trying to create a world without racism. In practice, its just not something we can achieve just like many have tried with communism but do they stop? no.

Seriously, it’d be ignorant to think that everyone is colorblind. Don’t get me wrong, i give the green light for racism but everything in moderation you know. Everyone makes judgments based on race. Not big judgments like who you buy your newspaper from or who to hire but little judgments like thinking Indians are cheap or thinking how malays aren’t very productive. And as unethical as racist jokes are, theyre simply funny because theyre based on truth.

If it weren’t for racism we’d lose sight of our own heritage and background and our culture and tradition would simply dilute in the modern world. Take pain for instance, in a perfect world we wouldnt have to endure pain but would you really want that? Like Claire from ‘heroes’ said, if you can’t feel pain then how do you know youre actually living? Sometimes i don’t even think i am racist which meaning has begun to grow vague. To be accurate, im not a fan of racism. Im simply a person who doesn’t believe being ignorant of the truth will make this a more better place.

Simply the idea of utopia is nonsense if you ask me. sometimes it takes a little pinch of salt to really bring out the best in something.


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