kittens allJust over 4 weeks old and are rascals i tell ya!

Has it really been 4 weeks since Munii gave birth? well, Munii has starting meowing meaning shes starting her cycle again so i have to believe so.

Bottom left is Ren and bottom right is Stimpy. Yes you’ve got that right, Ren & Stimpy bitchaz. You know how in many TV shows theres always a duo that sticks together all the time? thats Ren and Stimpy. Lil Ren is the more cautious one whereas Stimpy there is usually the one who does all the dirty work like escaping and occupying mum. That big eyes ball top right is Ora. No it has nothing to do w its spiritual energy or any of that but its something i derived out of ‘Orly’ as in the ‘o-rly owl’

o rlyyes, rly!

Yea, its the eyes. I mean little Ora has pretty big eyes look at them! The little bun also tends to just sit there with its head up high and just stare at things like an owl. But seriously, i wanted to name it ‘o rly cat’ but that would just be a hassle to pronounce every time. The white furball i havent actually named but i’ve been thinking of naming it Mona. Just for the sake of it going hand in hand w Munii ^.^Mona is by far the most manja est of the litter.



3 thoughts on “Katurday?

  1. the kitten, at the top left corner and the orange kittens looks EXACTLY like my kittens! So cuteeee! Too bad mine was dead (probably).. or some irresponsible people TOOK my kitten WITHOUT ANY PERMISSION…. (i am not saying that you took them!) hehehe Nice kittten!

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