Derp wills it

So im sitting here waiting for the latest episode of Shippuuden to finish downloading and what strikes me is that things like these are the high points to my day. I can have a pretty awesome day here, chilling, drinking coffee at a cafe or cruising around town with my friends but overall, the thing i anticipate the most is ‘has my download finished downloading?’

wow, coincidence. it just did 5 seconds ago.

Okay, i’m back and that was a great episode. So much so that the rest of today will simply be dull by comparison. It’s not a question of how boring my day was. It’s a given that my day has been quite boring but ‘ how awesome was the latest episode of bleach or shippuuden. All in all i just want to live a life outside the life im living.

I have gone through plan A, B, C, D, E and havent even made a choice. Lets outline them properly shall we?


Staying in SMSA



lets move on.


Since i don’t wanna remain in SMSA, i decided i would transfer to BSB and finish off my A levels there. I asked my ‘dad’ if he’d support my decision if i transferred to JIS and not surprisingly he blew me off like nothing. PLAN B was out of the question. Should’ve known my dad would do that to me.


I don’t really mind where i go really as long as it’s out of KB so i decided why not just transfer to BSB either way and go to whatever school i may end up at. I’d either have to live in a boarding house or live w relatives. The thing about living w your relatives is you burden them especially if you go to different school as their kids and i do not know any of my cousins going to any school with a sixth form institute. If i would rent a place, i really need to think about transport cos the thing is im 17 so i cant(shouldn’t) drive till late next year so that’s a bust.


Going to Japan. This is a pending plan cos the idea is me and my goood friend Adri are planning to try out for the Japanese Scholarship to study in Japan. Studying in Japan would be the most wickedest thing ever and though i’d need to learn how to speak japanese, it seems like it’ll all be worth it. I mean  JA-FREAKIN-PAN here.



shocker isnt it?

Going to UK. So when i asked my mum about transferring, she didn’t just gave me the green light but rather the golden shining light. She offered me to study in UK. So you’re thinking  ‘why is this plan E? why you stupid?’ well okay i don’t know i’ve just never been quite fond of UK so i was thinking of trying to make it work here in Brunei before doing something rash like move out of the country. However i’ve been trying and it seems like a lost cause if things go the way they are so heck, UK doesn’t seem like such a bad place after a lot of thinking.

Although my mum tell me this is confirmed, i still say UK is a pending plan. I don’t want to get my hopes to high and until then i’m still open to other plans as to how to go about life.



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