baby Cerberus

So as you may know, KB is relatively small. You can(if you’re willing enough) bike from one end of KB to the other in say an hour to an hour half. Anyway, i usually walk along this road when i wanna go to KB’s Beverly hills area you see and truth be told, i usually go there late at night. So its a straight road from my housing area to that housing area you see. Quite close its a mere point A to point B kind of route but then, its not that simple.

You see theres this house on the way and well, it has a dog. Okay thats kind of a huge understatement. Let me put it this way, that house has a mother-effing demon crack shit bitch ass dog! I mean seriously, i think its the bastard child of the devil’s bitch- Cerberus and freaking Gene Simmons.

devil dog

yes, my mum’s a 3 headed bitch. how bout yours?

I swear i could feel the vein in my forehead bulging w my heart beat every time i see it and heck, i’ve flipped off that dog every time i get away from it. So because of that, i have this habit of taking a longer route where i have to use a parallel road so i avoid that particular house (and a few other houses w noisy dogs) when i decide to walk but when i use a bike, i just pedal like hell whenever i’m close to it and turn on my IPod to full volume which is quite effective i might say. everything is good.

So these past few months i’ve been noticing that baby Cerberus is never around anymore. Whenever i expect to hear to raging devil howls echoing in the background of ‘i kissed a girl’ playing in my player, all i could hear is my brain slowly turning to mush as the all 80 decibals of katy perry blasts through my ear drums.

So you’re thinking..”isn’t that good?”

well yeahh it is but i don’t know. It’s just like how Jerry hates Tom and Tom hates Jerry but then whenever the other gets caught up w something or someone else, they realise how much they actually love each other. okay maybe love is not the correct word… but you get what i mean.


love hate situation

I guess its a cat and mouse chase situation going on between me and baby Cerberus. When i realised he’s been missing for quite awhile i got pretty worried actually. I was quite scared that maybe the owners put him to ‘sleep’ or something but i tried not to think of it. However everytime i pass the house, i’d always glance over thinking its still there. Force of habit i guess.

Well, last week baby Cerberus came back! I don’t know from where exactly but who cares. Don’t get me wrong, i still hate that stupid dog to the very core but somewhere deep deep down, i’m glad its safe. I guess baby Cerberus is one of the little things that puts some variety into my life you know. I can see more Tom and Jerry situations to come. Welcome back Baby Cerberus 😀



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