anything goes now

I dont know what to say…

but the thing at the top of my head right now is how i quite hate the pussycat dolls. huhh kind of weird to start of like that. I try not to bitch about stuff eventhough this is a blog cos i dont believe in the..

this is my blog so leave, press the little X if you planning on trollin or spamming!

..concept cos seriously, this is the internet. Its like posting your writings on a local bulletin board or newspaper so thats why i try not to be a douche fag. I mean you could simply privatise your blog or keep your journal in a folder in your computer. okay lol, i think im being a total fag right now to THEM.

Shit, i never used to use lol you know. i dont know how but it somehow slipped into my vocabulary. maybe its because of the character limit in twitter or maybe its because ive been a regular at 4chan these past few months but its starting to creep me out. i used to think lol sounded quite fake and stupid. You might probably think i sound fake and stupid now but its one of those grass is actually quite greener at the other side kind of situations. LOL!


This meme actually did make me lol the fuck out of myself. Im not usually into the yo dawg meme cos most of them are so lame they dont tickle my funny bone even the slightest bit but i love this one. awesome stuff.

so its 10.30am already and i havent slept last night;

i forgot to niat so this is the first time this month i prematurely broke my fast;

i lost my voice after keraokeing last thursday at ayens and GH:WT ing at faris’s place just now and;

its holiday and im SOO GLAD! il be back here soon.



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