happy ending happy ending?

So alot of things broke down recently. I know this is getting repetitive but i have the urge to study now. I was choosen to go to the MOE best student award ceremony for AAC, which is really last minute done if you ask me.

Anyway, being in that room with all those scholarship students going to Scotland and England and America and Australia, it made me feel insignificant. or to be more exact, made me feel like a retard. Which is why i wanna seriously study. Its puasa so i should hang out less at the canteen area and people are leaving SMSA so i should have for time to concentrate.


Oh, today i got a text message! it says..

Congratulations! Ur Mobile number had won a 2nd prize winner of US$350,000 FROM PAMCNS drawn last August 10,2009.NCR/DTI permit/01048 callusnow!im’ms,SUSAN M.ALINTAJAN or call+639069001510

YES! i won big time baybee. Okay okay, im not that gullible. Well  i once believed those ‘you are the 999,999,999 th visitor’ ads but i learned my lesson. It seems im the lucky few who these mainland chinese scammers or whatever have targetted.

What gave it away?

  • foreign number,     i never trust foreign numbers.
  • writing errors,        My little brother can write better english. ‘Ur Mobile number had won a 2nd prize winner‘ okay, so i won a winner did i?
  • excess baggage,     ‘NCR/DTI permit/01048’ ? this wont make the text more believable
  • common sense,      Susan is probably one of the most common name used by spambots and scammers. haha

It really seems quite annoyying how we aren’t able to do anything about this since we cant prosecute outsider people when theyre hiding in their home country.

Ah well, as long as everyone knows these things are scams then it doesnt matter. its coo’.. its coo’ aight



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