Instead of doing my homework last night like i was supposed to, i was making this ragetoon. yeahh, i got fooled into one of these tricks and i was so scared out of my wits that i was like “FUCK! im so pissed i need to make a ragetoon about this!” and truth be told i did. Oh, and it was that exact same face that scared me. teehee.

i lovee ragetoons and you should totally head over and check it out. its wicked awesomee.

Oh, you know how its been very hazy lately because of deforestation somewhere out west. Well, it was pretty hazy last night when i came home from my friend Faris’s house around 3am and then added to that there was this fire right next to the road. so i ‘extinguished’ it. What im trying to say is..

.. i feel quite lucky that guys can pee standing up. gives us super convenient fire extinguishing powers. Captain planet would been proud.



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