Fun, doesnt really make time fly.

There are days that i can never get back. In one year alone i will probably forget about 70% of that. Heck, i dont even remember a thing about two weeks ago and i’ll surely forget about it when im old, wrinkly, alzheimer prone and part robot.

I think we always complain about how time goes so slowly when we’re bored and shit as we’re anticipating every second passing by. We also think that when we’re having fun playing around and trading jokes and playing pranks and games that time totally speeds up and before you know it, its November and you havent studied for your exam and everyone is breathing down your neck. I dont know if its my GP teacher talking or if its me thinking about stuff from different points of view (probably thanks to him as well) but when i think of it, i believe time actually goes slower when youre having fun… in the long run that is. Let me try to explain…

Try picturing yourself an old ripe person with 60 maybe even 80 years under your belt and youre thinking back to your youth, the golden years as you might want to call it. Youre trying to recall everything youve done every year of your life to date as youre pretty much done with the living part of life and will maybe spend alot of time thinking to yourself as you grow older til your day comes. The single thing now that separates you from the other old people is your bankful of sweet memories of yonder past. maybe you even plan in writing a biography and who knows maybe it’ll be a hit. Anyway, so you have alot of fun things to think about i can imagine you writing a whole journal maybe even two or three with all your adventures and experience and people you met. Youre gonna need to cut out and summarise some things if you want to compile a biography but life isnt so bad.

Now imagine you had a dull past with alot of routines of school and work where the only difference between today and last week is your choice of underwear and with that you have nothing to remember by as these things easily get swollowed up and lost. Maybe at most you can remember doing one single thing in the year 2009 and reading back on your biograpghy, then you realise you forgot close to all of your memories. They disappear from your memory bank and youre just left with a tiny notebook of memories. You dont know how soo many decades worth of memories slipped under your nose and shudders at the thought that you could only compile maybe a few years worth of memories and then you realised when reading back your memories how quick you grew old and how most of your life as you know it is quite wasted.

I think our life is like swimming through an ocean, its not the years worth vast calm blue water spreading over the horizon that you’ll remember most but its that rare glimpse of a flying fish or a dolphin or maybe even the sight of a shark that will stick after you reached wherever you were heading for..

..but what do i know, im just a kid.


2 thoughts on “Fun, doesnt really make time fly.

  1. yea i agree wholly. life is about the quality, not the quantity.

    Also, i think we shouldn’t be so stressed about our studies. I mean, sure they’re important and blah blah blah. But yea, the ones who study like mindless robots, they need to get out and inhale everything that life has to offer. After studying at school, they work in an office. Routine. I don’t know. I just think that people shouldn’t be so pressurized about school ( i am A LOT) and start living life, creating memories. and yea. It’s like saying, which one is more important? having great memories or making big money while being stressed your whole life?

    Then again, what do i know? i’m just a life-and-art-loving freak. 🙂

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