Sometimes, im sick of the espeed internet speed. I mean, sometimes sure i can wait a minute for the youtube video to load or for the photos on facebook to load the entire album and stuff but then there are cases like when i want to stream something or play a game online which needs realtime internet connection and im usually very disappointed in this area. heres a screenshot of the internet connection at 2 different moments, see for yourself.

520354716Time taken: 6AM

520585616 Time taken: 6PM

dude, i dont wanna have to wake up at 5 am just to make use of the faster internet connection speed. Most of the time i try to not run into the hype of whatever these providers say as theyre usually half-baked thoughts. They might go “yess, you’ll get access to 1mbps speeds!” but then they fail to mention you need to wake up dead early to experience it. Oh, and whats up with the upload speed?

Anyway, at least theres one thing to be reallly excited about. It is scheduled that this August, that the Asia America Gateway prohect will finish construction! thats one month away guys! I thought it would finish like next year in my head but nope, its sooner than i thought. Anyway, for those that dont know, this project is a big undertaking where alot of countries around asia such as Brunei, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, N zealand, Cambodia and probably some others will lay down submarine opticfibre cables to a hub in the Phillies which will lay down more probably huger cables through the pacific Hawaii and North America. Whats interesting is that the cables will be able to feed through 1.92 terabits of information per second. Thats 1920000 mbps going through at any given second. Thats alot of porn.



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