sunny days FTW




The weather is so horrible these past two days. You cannot see the sky anymore, its all cloudy but not the normal kind. Its more smokey than cloudy so the entire sky looks like its screened by the smoke. no blue sky today.

You know what used to peeved me? when people say FTW in online conversation. I mean what the fuck? it stands for FOR THE WIN. haha. i thought that was quite stupid since that was such a lame phrase to say. its like..

“dude, i just got a new ipod! wooo. IPOD FTW”

…and at that very moment, you can probably tell that that person is fat and the chair infront of his computer is permanantly imprinted w his butshape.

I actually thought it stood for FUCK THE WHAT. Since its WTF backwards. haha. Maybe its some subtle online swearing that noobs cannot understand so sometimes i just wanted to go ‘fuck you lahhh’ whenever someone says it but deep down i get the feeling that im wrong so i just keep quiet out of embarrassment.

I guess thats what you get for being a giant noooob. haha.



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