Cosplay Meet postponed.

Dear fellow cosplayers,

Devmeet ’09 is postponed to the date 20th December 2009.
The DevComitee decided to postpone the event due to the H1N1 pandemic issue we are currently having.
We would not like to take any risk in having any of the guests to be infected by it. Therefore, the postpone of the event.
We apologize if we have upset you on this matter as this is also for your safety.
Cosplayers who have registered for the event before the date 19th July 2009 can re-register at any time with a different character to be cosplayed for the Devmeet held in December. BUT. . we will only accept 1 re-registration to avoid confusion during the day of the event.
Once again we apologize for the delay of the event.
We hope to see you at the Devmeet ’09. =)

The Devmeet Commitee

From BruneiCosplay.


“i want cosplay now j:”


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