bunched up underwear.

update [17/2/10]: i dont sell the hoodie. you can get it on amazon tho here

i know this might come off a little weird to some of you but i sleep naked……or to be more precise, sometimes, i tend to undress in my sleep.

no, its nothing dirty or anything. Its just something like an impulse such as how when people scratch in their sleep when they feel an itch or pull up the covers when it gets cold. I drop trou when im feeling a little uncomfortable. I dont do this every night okay, only just when i feel unease under the covers such as when i fall asleep with my jeans on or a jacket on or that occasional bunched up brief. if that does happen, il just unknowingly toss it off and find it the next day on the foot of my bed or next to my head with my cat happily sleeping on it.

i guess that could probably explain why i sleep going commando every night ^-^

oh, and im in soo need of an external hard drive right now. ive covered around 300 gigs worth of memory in like the last 3 month. hint hint for those who wants to get me something 😛


i also love Domo-kun and hoodies by the way. i mean, just for your information. im not saying you should get me it or anything. i mean, unless you want to.



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