Ove.er.du pik.chers

Mid year exams are over and i did quite badly for bio and chemistry. I’ll probably end up failing both but its okay cause i’ll try harder next time. i don’t wanna gloom around during my holiday 😛

anyway, i was thinking what to post, since i havent posted anything in a long time and then i thought, “i havent posted pictures in a long time… like ages!” so yeah, i just grabbed a few off of facebook. nyehehe.

In general, the older ones are at the bottom and newer ones are on top so id recommend reading bottom up.









bvtaken from bashy, a picture of me sitting down on our ‘strange island’. You can totally see the TV frame and the parts inside we dismembered. This waas when those bitching sand flies kept biting my legs like FUCK. i mean seriously, i have the scars to prove it even now a few days later. i guess every road has its ups and downs 😛

OMG, that saying totally sounds gay. haha.

ioTaken from bashy was it? i dont know why but i just love this picture. its like we just landed on a strange place. Hilmi totally has that stress out like fuck look. bootiful.

egfTaken from Lynz, shot by Hilmi, you can totally see bashy and Lynz ‘meditating’ and me and faris trying to make boobies and shit over here. We kinda had this stranded on an island theme going on in you notice. haha. I guess in a real like situation, you can probably find me and faris making boobies from sand. awesome was to live the simple life ^-^

jTaken from lynz, We walked to somewhere less crowded and we ended up in a place not so far off and there was a broken TV on the beach. huh, i wanna call those people stupid but we had fun with it so i kinda wanna thank them more. haha. Me and Hilmi kinda took it apart removing the CRT and the shards of glass and used the frame for our own purposes.  when i say purposes i mean doing shitface things with it like make videos and take pictures with us in it. haha. this picture was shot by Faris.

poTaken from Lynz. Me and Faris just had our bio exam (which sucks more than your vacuum cleaner btw) and so Hilmi offered to bring us to the beach cos Bashy and lynz wanted to meditate and well, we had nothing better to do so jumped at the chance and walked to Hilmi’s place. Faris kinda made us walk around in circles and we reached like half an hour later. Then we picked up bash and headed for the beach. Faris took the photo.

dgTaken from bashy, Faris has tusks totally covered in plaque and if thats not enough, he needs braces. i mean sooo bengkok. haha. and dont ask, i have no friggin idea what the hell Hilmi was trying to do. haha. Maybe he was trying to tell us thats his bulu idung(nose hair). Maybe he was trying to immitate your mother? i dont know.

h ttTaken from Lynz, this is our immitation of a walrus. YEAH, HAHA i got it from Ross from friends if your wondering. haha. Ikh’s tusks are dirty with mee while mine are sparkling clean. 😛 oh and Lulu took this photo.

nfhtaken from Bashy, This was at moi nam and we were making totally silly expressions. This one in particular was the “totally banged a hot chick” face or something like that. haha. i actually said ‘score!’ out loud to get into character for the moment. haha. Ikh is like partying or what and Hilmi is giving 2 thumbs up, cos he banged a hot chick 😛

photoTaken from Bashy, this was during my birthday. Ikh, bash and Lynz actually came to my place right after their exam to wish me a happy birthday and they made cupcakes 😛 sadly noone was home and i was home alone. Whats so bad? well i was sleeping like a baby upstairs in my room and so they waited and waited and knocked on each door and waited and threw pebbles onto windows(wrong ones) and then gave up. haha. Coincidentally, i went to town that afternoon and bumped into them and had an awesome day over all. oh, and who knew busking is illegal in Brunei?  unless you take away the money element that is. we figured that out when government people stopped and told us we cant play for cash. bummer. (busking is where you perform in public places and they give you change and cash)

Taken from keem, This was during Wali’s birthday where we ate cupcakes and took pictures at school and prolly made some Preu2 jealous until they go “boo”. I dont know why but it seems like everytime its someones birthday, some U2s are like programmed to go boo as though they have never experienced a birthday before. people huh? not long after this we started our mid year exam.

ernTaken from mak, Lynz’s mum. This was also taken during Private Study. For some reason, we cant resist writing crap on Lynz’s test pad after someone starts. So just like like those paper dolls, it had a piece of everyone in it. Its a nice momento for when we’re old and dying and we’d go like “yo niggah, remember when we used to write crap on stuff during PS? that was awesome! we were awesome motherfuckers werent we? i miss those days”

photoTaken from Sharon, This was after AAC’s best teacher student award ceremony and yeah, that pretty thang  in blue was my physics teacher…which explains why i always paid attention to class. nyahaha. okay, maybe not pay attention to the lesson but i got an A in physics so shes not complaining. This is the freestyle photo and i love it. Oh, and yeah, i was trying to poke my teachers cheek. eheh Did i mention i was also quite a rascal in class?

pkmTaken from Lynz, at moinam. That’s Hakeem’s glass and it had more curves than Megan Fox. okay, maybe not. I’d still choose Megan Fox any day but yeah we were tring to show how sexy the glass was, as you can clearly see from my face, i was trying to make that pretty obvious 😛

mjetaken from Wali. Honest to god, there was this thing on the tree that looked like a vagina, i was staring at it and Wali wanted to take a shot so yeah. This was after everyone else had gone and me and Wali wanted to go home too but we stopped over to DQ and wali treated me to a pair of those ice cream sandwiches. yum~

photo (2)Taken from Maly, if you point the camera a lil bit to the left, you’ll see a nodding donkey. Thats because thats where we were, at the clearings you usually find near those donkeys. This ended up being a really awesome shot. I think its because unlike the other photos in the photoshoot, this seems more Natural and not forced.. but thats just me. There are loads more of pictures by Maly and you should head over to facebook to see the rest.

oimtaken from Wali, this is us during this photoshoot in the panaga ish area. I came with Wali and i had to hastily get ready in like 5 minutes cas Wali came to pick me up and i still wasnt dressed. borrowed my brother’s shirt without permission. haha. sorry.

3h54taken from lynz, this is the work of lynz during Private Study period when ikhwan was trying to make those paper people but then lynz upstaged Ikh and made this. So we all started drawing pictures of ourselves and by the end of the day, after everyone contributed, we made ourselves this long ribbon of us all holding hands.







Thats about all i have for now, its 3 am already and im gonna go join this operation ‘clean up the beach’ in KB later w the other environmental club members. Adios hombre.



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