Come on Muniiboo, where are you? got some work to do now.

I am disconnected. As far as disconnecting goes, i am the epitome of all things disconnected.

Anyway, first i wish a very happy birthday to Bashywahh.

XVavuL6Wnnuq03oxGDWMPzlrMy neighbor since i was still in kindergarden. The person whose bike had no brakes on it and likes lego as much as i do. The definition of kawaii and seemingly innocent  and the one who just turned 17 yesterday. ^-^

known her for more than 10 years and still as awesome as always. Happy birthday basyirah.


Munii gave me the such a big scare the other day.

203703Munii after a tiring adventurous day

So i left the window open last friday cos it was a good sunny day, 2 days ago, and naturally, munii went out on the roof ( ground floor roof is outside my window) to watch the birds fly and feel the wind blow (habit of hers). Anyway, i kinda got preoccupied watching bleach and then before i knew it it was 6 already so i went to call munii but the weird thing was, she didnt come rushing back to the window. Soo, with the swiftest of fashion i went onto the roof and easily manouvered until i cycled the whole roof expecting to see her….. but i didnt. I was then kinda freaked out to my wits.

Thinking she might have jumped down to venture the compound, i quickly rushed downstairs look for her. circled the house 4 or 5 times calling out ‘munii! meowww meowwww’. my neighbors prolly thought i was a really annoyying cat outside. Anyway, i kinda stopped doing this, thinking it doesnt work as well as in TV so i started using my head. I had a brainblast like jimmy so continued searching. I didnt search for munii per se but rather the residential male cat and luckily, he was nearby sitting quietly, looking at something or rather SOMEONE behind some plants very interestingly enough.

“I’VE FOUND HER” i sighed to my myself.

But then the male cat spooked her and she went blasting towards the house next door! eventhough shes white, its seriously hard to keep track of her at night. I lost her again… In the end i had to sneak to the house next door and grab her sitting ard w the lazy cats next door which doesnt react to anything but food.

After some face licking we went home and she immediately started rolling around on the floor after we got indoors.

It was a tiring and confusing day for both of us.



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