i concur..

that i am lazy. You know, everyday,  me and Faris are playing a silly perverted game. eheh. The “what colour is she wearing today” game and for sho! ive been winning. haha. Faris cant pay attention to detail. Its honestly, one of the highlights of my schoolhours.

Today has been one of those days that makes me feel all goody goody about myself. i recieved a best student award from AAC and got 100 dollars cash ^-^    i feel so richhh. hahahaha.

well, at least for tonight. Im placing the moneh into my travelling funds.

Oh, i havent told you guys my travel plans! Im prolly going to Thailand next year after i turn 18 IF i can cough up enough hoplahh($$$) by then. Thailand baybeee. I seriously need to find a way to make enough dough yo. Any one has any get rich quick plans i can join in?

Then my after A level plan, and this was my brother’s idea,

Theres gonna be like a 7-8 ish months holiday after the As and if i get 3 grade As (AND I’LL MAKE SURE I WILL), im gonna ask for like 3-4 grand from my dad and GO TRAVEL THE WORLD! Maybe disappear for a month only calling back every other week to tell everyone im still alive and loving life. 😀 I really do wanna experience the real world first hand before going to University and what better way then to go backpacking all over the place. Experience meeting people here and there and suck up all the culture.

Totally sounds like a good way to spend you holiday. So when everyone asks me what i did for my holiday, i can proudly say “i spontaneously went to KL one day and immediately took the first flight out of there to wherever and didnt come back for 6 weeks”

eee. im so excited.



10 thoughts on “i concur..

  1. and btw i pay attention to the details, cuz we say colour not the ‘minor details’. Fahmii. Its hard to kumpul duit man. Ko simpan kan duit ku dpt?

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