Never too early to start.


As weird as it might seem, i really want to study.

Yes, me, Fahmii, wants to study. I have finally found my resolve to start studying now unlike what ive been doing lately.

Okay, yeahh, I sound like a mega mondo geek right now and you know what? at this stage in life, being a geek is pretty cooool. If youve been stalking me in school (which according to facebook’s ‘do you know me’ quizes, no one has) then you will know that i have been living the easyyy life. Life’s been prettyeasy going for me these past few months and I’ve been doubting my reason to actually go to school , BUT NO MORE.

So during those long PS hours, i like to go around and jot my name down whatever event is going on be it some lecture on the importance of cleanliness or a workshop on leadership or maybe an awareness program for AIDS. So yesterday i attended a MinDef scholarship talk by the 2009 batch of scholars(thanks to faez for reminding me that morning) and i now have found my educational resolve.

During the talk, i was at first pretty bummed out, i mean i was sitting RIGHT UP  FRONT and being so close to all them scholarship achievers,… i felt pretty stupid, like i was trash compared to geniuses like them. BUT WHO KNEW, They weren’t born geniuses at all. They were tooootally inspiring. From how they went about their A level years and their preparation, to their social life and theyre not total geeks at all, theyre totally normal human beings. =o

Anyway, what im trying to say is, education is actually a pretty big priority now. I am now looking at the big picture here and im prepared to take preparations for my future=P

….Gotta suck up to my tutors from now on!….


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