inspired by Life during SMSA

I have no idea if its me or if its the form 6 ritual, but form 6 is like, the least bit stressful. I’m serious people, form 6 an episode of Frasier. Sitting around, drinking coffee, making jokes and laughs where everybody knows your name. Maybe its too early to actually say but all i know is, as much as i try, i don’t have a care in the world about my studies.

Even on Facebook, theres like albums and albums and albums worth of PS bored nothing to do so we take pictures pictures added like, everyweek. haha

So i was supposed to go on a trip to some meteorological centre today to get material to write a report for the mid years right, but i kind of ditched the bus this morning so i was left at school, where all my teachers thought i was on a trip, drinking teh tarik and i went to class.

yes, i was excused from class and i still went to it. Honestly, i think im sick of private Study time already since im getting too much of it. This week alone, im expecting 2 1/2 school days worth of PS in school which is like half the time im gonna spend in school this week o.o

thats crayzyyyyy.

Oh, by the by, my room is so clean after one week worth of clearing and rearranging and cleaning, its amazing =o

its like… spotless.


Okay, i admit, the before is a screenshot from the game Fatal Frame, but it really did look like that 😛



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