Fright’ning Lightning

It’s almost 3am Saturday right now and if youre awake at the moment, you’ll probably notice that it’s raining heavily. You could probably hear the thunder blaring  trememdously from outside so loud,  god knows which direction its coming from.Maybe a tree or two will deroot under its might. maybe your pots and plants will fall over from the raging wind. Maybe your mails will get moist from the extensive rain but one thing is for sure,

When the rain train has passed and alarm clocks starts to chime, pretty much no one will know a thing.

I remember when i was a kid, i just watched this program about how this guy got struck by lightning 7 times and got so terrified that i might get struck by lightning, even in my room because i thought it would shoot through the window(which i sleep next to). So when i did go to sleep, i blocked me from the window with an inflated rubber mattress. those kinds used on the swimming pool. Yes, i believed that lightning could strike through an inch thich glass but will easily get foiled by a big balloon.

What? Dexter boy genius got protected from electricity by hiding in a big rubber ball. It’s only natural i did what i did. So have you taken measures to protect yourself from a lightning strike? YOU MIGHT BE NEXT TO GET STRUCK.

uhhh ohhhh =O



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