Everyone(especially people at school) usually think that my highest priority ambition in life is to become a zoologist. To some people, thats the key word tagged to me and i honestly dont mind that. Ultimately, i found being the ‘animal guy’ to be something much more significant than being the ‘singer dude’ or ‘ladies man’ or ‘funny guy’ or ‘ poor kid’ but you know what?

Thats not my ultimate ambition. I truly really wanna be the best damn father ever know to man..

To do all those silly things like sacrifice and patience and to be proud and to worry. And to generally give them a better father than the one i had. Call me cliche or crazy or silly to be having these ideas but i guess not all of you get what some of us are going through. The feeling that gnaws and gnaws and gnaws until you’re left with something damaged within you.

I guess in the end its all psycological. Just trying to erode my hardship by taking away the problems of a kin. To prove im not as similar to my father as everyone says so.

why am i suddenly delving into this topic?

well, I know a guy when i was a kid and he had the most caring and loving father you could possibly imagine. Who gave his heart to his family and kids. Sadly, his father was then taken away due to cancer. He then made the most loveliest most heart touching video to tribute his father’s love and care and it struck a very personal chord deep down in me. And even though in the long run, we’re both going through the same path, i can’t help but wish i was in the same boat as him.



7 thoughts on “Fatherhood.

  1. that’s the sweetest thing a guy could ever say.. Really.. Men are typical, and us girls, hate it when men are being men coz it simply means, that they’re just being bunches of jerks. Well, I surely do hope that, you’ll get to be what you wanna be when your turn comes (:

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