Today i have learned in school that

  1. Blue ties SERIOUSLY do not go with green pants. -_-
  2. I cant wait to start doing BIOLOGY.
  3. I am soo craving educational stimulus.
  4. SMSA had me at my threshold for heat endurance today.
  5. For some reason alot of the english teachers there seem hungover and have bedhair.
  6. My body clock is not adjusted for school yet. -_-
  7. As much as the teacher wants us to dress by the book, the U2s have set our standards low. (and some are kinda being a bit hipocritical about it by enforcing the same rules on us)
  8. I wanna skip the last day of orientation and get on with studying.
  9. The presentation creator wrote KNEE in large capital bold while pointing towards a picture of an ankle -_-
  10. I got stuck in a class with my first real crush when i was a kid and i find that annoying. -_-  -_-
  11. I seriously wished i was 18 because being 16 is soooo inconvenient, transport wise. -_-  -_-  -_-  -_-
  12. I got PS/set5, CHEM/set2, BIO/set4, GEO/set3 and GP/set1A.
  13. I just realised i dont know if anyone i know has PS set 5 with me. -_-
  14. Its hard to not seem snobby by some people when you  meet a lot of your old friends in one place who run in different crowds.
  15. I hate looking like a total nooooob searching for the bathroom  -___________-



3 thoughts on “Orientation

  1. CRAP. I agreed a lot sweetheart. Like 1,4,5,6,7,11, and and 15! I think you should add one, the time for break is limited! T_T I skipped two days afternoon orientation. 😀 Mei Jun and Ginger skipped all. Hee.

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