When i have something important to say, i usually jump on MSN. Its true, if anything happens i definitely dont call my family and relatives to tell them about it but i usually confide to my friends through the medium of IM(instant messagging). If i just had a huge fight with a person, i discuss about it online. If my mum told me shes remarrying, i usually jump on MSN to break that to the people i know. I don’t know why but its much easier to reveal your secrets and problems when youre just looking into an expressionless screen, minus a few emoticons here and there. I feel much safer and open to share like this but theres always something missing as I always feel unsatisfied after. Deep inside i sometimes feel as though something is wrong with me. Am i a total social defunct afraid of confrontation and confession to have to hide behind the petty computer screen or am i part of a much more larger trend in impersonal communication?

have the common such as our cellphones, laptops, ipods and PDAs brought us closer together or slowly but surely brought us further apart from each other?

As they say, the world might be theoretically getting smaller, but ultimately its made up of 6.6 billion islands.


6 thoughts on “communication

  1. Well, at least you could talk about them even with someone online. I couldn’t. I could but I just find it hard. I’ll ramble on about useless information before getting to the point. I’ll be very vague at first then feeling very defensive. Perhaps it’s my trust issues or my inability of confronting my real emotions (I deal usually with anger because it’s the only rational emotion to feel at any given time) Sure anger is a curve blade as I have learned the hard way and yet I react with anger. I’m not sure what I’m trying to tell you here but I guess what I’m trying to say is that it’s great that you’re able to trust someone to listen to your secrets or things kept hidden in your heart and trust that they will hold it and not break it (y)

    Like I said. Ramblings. HA-HA.

  2. Hey, maybe ur just closer to ur friends than ur family. n going online is always the fastest way of getting to communicate with them. maybe u’d talk to them in person if they stayed in the room next to u.

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