Pulau Tiga Island

I finally got around to posting these pictures of when me and my brother in Pulau Tiga in mid Jan. This is FYI the Island where they shot the first show SURVIVOR! with the mud volcanoes and snake island and swimming monitor lizards and cheeky monkeys who wanted to take my bags. Had a great time there but well, i’ll just let the pictures talk. enjoy:-


The entrance from the Survivor island jettyimg_0232

The jetty at dawnimg_0224

Sunset on the beachimg_0188

The beach is litterred with these flowersimg_0186







I couldn’t help myself from taking a picture of this infamous sign.

eheh. well, maybe i’ll update this post with a couple ‘o’ pictures or two. right now, im heading out to look at scholarships. ciao peeps.



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