Epic day

Im trying to not let the weather get me down. The weather thats keeping me from enjoying my morning sunrise or a night out fishing or allow me a day at the beach or cycling outside or go swimming, all under the marvelous sun.
I cant wait til we get another week of just sun sun sun. Recently it hit me that my holiday is about to end terrifyingly soon and the lack of good sunny days have got me thinking, “why not do all that in one epic journey!”.

Il first have to fix my body clock by sleeping early then il wake up around six ish in the morn. Il enjoy a morning teh tarik and wait til sunrise around 0640 and enjoy the calming moist morning air. Then i’ll hit the showers, get dressed and get ready for my new ‘EPIC SCHEDULE’.

So lets see…
I’ll definitely get around by bicycle. Since i loveee the feeling of just cruising around and enjoying the sights while everyone is stuck at work or school. And my godd, *looks at tummy* i need to get my holiday fitness plan up and running again. I havent done any sit ups since god knows when!!

So around eight i shall head of to the club to take a dip in the very vacant cool refreshing pool waiting for me there after i suppose a hot sweaty 20 minute bike ride. I hope i’ll be v.very sweaty or victory wont taste so sweet in the end! With the humidity and all.
Damnn, that sound soo sweet already. I can picture it now, the empty pool with only one or two other people with the same intention as me. The splashing of the water as it flows down the drain bordering the pool, the sound of me turning the page of my Dean Koontz novel and the amazing sound of silence.

Then il just have a good lunch to wait for rush hour to pass and il head to the beach to let my tummy churn my lunch in peace.
Muahaha. Then il head back for an afternoon dip, get out before a lot of people start arriving and head back home while everyone is at work and school and later that night post an entry about how big of a success or how big of a failure my plans turn out to be. Eheh.

Then every other day, repeat from the beginning again.

All i need to do now is pick up my bike at the shop, reset my bodyclock and wait for that perfect sunny day to bloom its ass in sight. Woohoo.

Man, i wish it was sunny everyday. Bah Faris, you sure you wanna come with? 😛



5 thoughts on “Epic day

  1. awu bawa si faris ahhh.make him super slim.make me surprise!! ia kata dulu lau abis form 5 time holiday ia kan jadi slim until we cnt recognise him.yeah right.mna bukti nya donggg.i miss cycling grrrrr

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