GCE O-level Results

okay, i noticed alot of people coming here to get the details on my marks. So here you go :-





15 thoughts on “GCE O-level Results

  1. haha ermmm u pick the best six subjects.A1=1 point,A2=2point,B3=3 point,B4=4 points,C5=5 points,C6=6points and so onn.the lower the bttr!!!! mine is 7 aggregate.kurang satu jaa.apa jua.anyway ur goin smsa??yeshhh!!!! eh eh ko ambil subjects apa??aku ambil lima kali if u include GP.Chem,Bio,Phy,Maths and GP.si faris punambil lima.aku ambil bynk pasal aku takut nyasal mcm Olevel yatahhh.but lau aku inda dpt co-op or stress.aku buleh drop the following month i think

  2. oh. Kay. Now i get it. Eheh. Im learning something new everyday.
    Yeah. If nada apapa then SMSA lahh.
    Im taking bio,chem,geo and gp. I thought things through and i pretty confident il stick to those subjects. :j

    Haha. Actually, aku bangang wah abt how to apply for scholarships. Nda pernah kana explain by anyone how.

  3. haah smsa jaa.jgn tah pkir apa2.gila!!!! Geo jua laaa.inda ko ambil maths BUI.penting kali tu ahh.yess i aku seclass ngan ko in bio nad chem.inda ambil phy??si faris pnya subs mcm aku kali.but aku nda PS!!!damn!!! owhh okay as long as ur dream job is connected to the subs ur taking.

    HAHA sian jua bnr ehhh.aku pun inda tahuuu.suruh ja mama mu urus kann.aku bapa ku buat aku tinggal goyang kaki jaa.haha!!!

    how to apply hmm.setau ku ambil form wa dari MOE or something.then isi kali bagi all ur documents in it.mcm certificate apa sja..PSR,PMB and O level result.then hanttaer laa.jawapan nya tu lama tu like bulan lima kali kna jawap or something.

  4. faez kambing- haha. Nah. I dont need an advance knowledge of maths in my ambition.
    Im gonna look at scholarships and such this saturday maybe. Wish me luck.

    Lydia- thanks! You do yourself proud this year kay.
    Im rooting for you and wishing the utmost highest level of luck for ur exams. :j
    Oh oh, i was just scrolling down ur blog and it made me miss avril, dylan and daryl! Though i only got to know daryl for a few months only. I miss Wendy.

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