because we’re at a crossroad

Im not sure if i should be happy or sad.

I was aiming for just 2 As, and i got 6. I should be happy like a rat on the moon. The thing is the joy only lasts for so long. Now we’re faced with all these difficult decisions. I love KB, So i don’t mind SMSA but then like my teachers and my dad are doing the scholarship motion and now my mind is weaving left and right. Why is our school system so confusing?

At the difficult age of 16, 17, we’re too old to be considered kids but too unwise and raw to be considered adults. Then to be told to make life changing decisions just isn’t very feasible. Its stressful, tiring and silly really. What if we fail our diploma or choose a wrong major? At this akward age, here we stand trying to gain control of our life but failing to understand the effects of our rash, impromptu, sometimes even poorly informed choices.

My dad tells me to try out the shell scholarship but come on, they dont need a bio major there.
Then teaches telling me to take the sultanate’s scholarship but my god, i do not want to be a teacher like them. These are just silly suggestions from people who don’t even know my ambitions and telling me to take the scholarship with the best incentives.

The person’s oppinion i would like to hear however has none. My mum is just letting me get sucked in the system and go where it takes me.

What to do? How this?

I guess i’ll just have carve my own way. I suggest you guys in my position think hard about what you wanna do with your life. Dont willy nilly around now and make yourself.



4 thoughts on “because we’re at a crossroad

  1. if, you have time to come up to bandar this Monday or Tuesday and Wednesday come visit the UK education fair, you should check out the MOE scholarship listing, if you decide to do the MOE scholarship, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll end up being a teacher and if you do, it’s just five years to pay off the investment spent on you. check which Unis give out the course you want and check what are the requirements, therefore you have set your goals in order. went through the whole get a scholarship now or not myself after my O levels. hee. you’ll be fine

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