To sneeze when you pee.

You know what i hate? And i know you won’t disagree.
After a long tiring day, my bladder feels queezy.
I go to the toilet, dropped trou and boxers too.
I finally whizzed and damn, it feels good.
Midway through stream my nasal felt itchy.
I make that face like i was in pain or smelt something stinky.
How can i maintain aim, when i was about to sneeze?
I tried to hold both in coz one was about to be set free.
The sensation subsided and i continued my excretion,
not knowing that my problem has not reached completion.
I huffed and i puffed and hachuuu damn, oh boy.
It finally passed, the relief was a joy.
So once you imagine i bet you can agree,
Don’t you hate it when you sneeze when you pee?



5 thoughts on “To sneeze when you pee.

  1. Diane- haha. diane! i miss talking to you.

    Ikh- i cant smuggle back mud. haha. its one of those ‘take only memories, leave only footprints’ kind of island.

    Fify- Thanks Emmaa.

    Bounty- elehhh. kedapatan. haha. but dont link. i dont want the attention.

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