The bliss story

I finally decided to rewrite the story that started my love for writing.


I had the wind in my hair and the wheels i felt could go anywhere I pleased. It was a perfect sunday morning to be riding my bike. The neighbourhood had a good vibe today, the hardwood tree in front of my house seemed a thousand times greener as i pedaled as fast as i could past it in one swift go. As i abrubtly pulled the brakes to avoid from crashing onto a parked car I could hear my friends getting out of their homes wanting to play and have fun and i was all too happy to let them join. It was a good sunday and I didnt think life could be any better than this.

Both hands were pointing skywards on the face of the clock on one of the neighbour’s verandah so i went home to get some food in me. I was taking a bite out of my sandwich when i heard the sound of men outside so i went and peeked out of the window to check it out and saw men in white coveralls who i suspect were movers and a large cargo truck with a big splash picture of a house with wheels on the side of it. They were unloading furnitures out of the truck and into the house next door. From the things they were unloading i could tell they had a kid and found that prospect interesting.

That was the moment i saw ‘her’. It was a brief glimpse. She was about my age but was slightly taller. She had darkbrown hair and the most prettiest face to have ever bless the world with its presence. The moment i saw her everything suddenly became blurry and i blacked out. I woke up a changed person. I was so fascinated with this new girl i couldn’t get my mind off of her. I was in love with a girl who i cant even look at and that made me take interest in her more. I got up and peeked out the window hoping to see her again but i was disappointed to see that she was gone.

Everyday after she arrived i stayed next to the window waiting to catch a glimpse of her and everytime i do, i’d black out. This went on for a week and i realised if i squint my eyes when i look at her i could look at her for a couple of seconds before i black out. Those seconds were bliss and I made full use of them to study her. Everytime i squinted my eyes to watch her i noticed i’m able to last a tiny bit longer but i’ll always black out in the end but i felt it was worth it to look at her even for that short blissful moment.

I spent so much time watching her that i could tell when she’ll appear. I memorised her schedule, when she’ll leave and get back from music class and when she’ll go grocery shopping with her mother. With this i knew exactly when to go to the window to spy on her and got a part of my life going again.

Everyday i was able to look at her longer and longer and everyday she looked more and more like an angel. I would look at her with squinted eyes while my heart would race and when i felt i was about to faint i would open my eyes wide to clearly see the girl i am obsessed with before everything would suddenly turns black and i’m lying unconcious on the chair i placed strategically next to the window sill with a smile on my face.
I found out her name was Christy when i snuck infront of her house one day and checked her mailbox though i think somebody saw me when i saw a silhouette from one of the windows of her house.

I became overly obsessed with Christy as the days went by and i wished for the day that i could look at her long enough to actually talk to her but that was too big of a job for me to handle when i can barely last twenty seconds.

A couple of months passed and i got braver and braver and started opening my eyes little by little when i saw her. I would sometimes get lucky when she would help her mother outside and i had alot of time to practice. I would move to a different window with a better view and try opening my eyes more and more. These became the highlight of my weeks. I was watching her from a closer window one day like usual but then all of a sudden she turned and stared directly at me like she could tell i was watching. I blacked out straight away and when i regain my senses, she was gone just like that. That was it..

The next day when she was scheduled to leave the house for music class i went and stood at the pavewalk in front of her front door.
Alot of thoughts ran through my mind but i wanted to do this too bad to talk myself out of it. My heart started racing loudly as i could clearly hear it in my ears, my skin was moist with sweat, my pupils dilated and my fist clentched as i swallow my fear.

She opened the door slowly and i instantly squinted my eyes. I was fidgetting and yelling in my mind as i notice her standing five feet from me. There was no turning back now i told myself as i was panicking but through all that i had a sure mind. I impulsively opened my eyes wide from my measly squint and saw as clear as day her standing there with every detail sharpen and her beauty glorified under the sun. She was looking right at me and i felt like i was about to explode and melt at the same time. “You’re the one who checked our mailbox” she noted with a voice so very sweet but face so stern yet puzzled to see me. I could tell i wasnt going to last long but it didnt matter. I was in pure bliss. Mentally high as i took in as much of the beauty in front of me as i can. The beauty of the girl next door i have been obsessing on for half a year.

My vision started to become fuzzy and my knees wobbly. Things started to get dark and the last thing i saw was her lip slightly curled up. She was smiling at me and it was too much for me to take.
My heart suddenly stopped beating and i collapsed onto the ground. As i was slowly collapsing onto the ground only one thought went through my mind, how im glad at how complete my life is. Bliss has taken me away from this world.




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