Camp Reunion 08


obviously grabbed. (L-R; Izyan, Babygreen BBroy, Babydragon Daniel, Babywater Faris, ME!)


The mildly silted sea water was crashing onto the large seawall we were having our little picnic on. Seawater sprinkled onto us like rice at a white wedding and made our hair moist and our clothes damp. That and the cool wind of the northeast threatened to give you a nasty cold. Clouds covered the entire sky like a floating sheet of fragile snow but Si Wei who was sitting next to me seemed absolutely content with the weather as it blew in our direction causing us to squint our eyes ever so much to its slightest whim. Twas complimenting her skintone even just like an adorable porcelain figure.Though i stand by sunny cancer causing weather and bright blue sky, i had to submit to the beauty of tungku beach. Not one oilrig in sight perfectly set in the orange glow of the setting sun with people around me who left a mark within me which i am proud of like a battlescar. It was a good day.



9 thoughts on “Camp Reunion 08

  1. vuxpyra, WordPress does allow adding scripts like cbox and shoutmix. You just have to add it under the “text” box in you widget.

    At first, I thought the text was only for writing texts, but then dicovered that html codes could be added. You should give it a try.

  2. well, i know html codes are allowed. but they screen the scripts out leaving just the normal html tags. So no third party tagboards and music players. I dont mind though. I actually prefer it this way.

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