vitamin c deficiency.

The ceiling had a warm look to it as the fluorescent tube shined energy efficient light onto anything in clear sight of it. It was almost like seeing the orange glow of the sky during sunrise.
This was followed by a throbbing thrashing pain between my temples. An aching feeling as though im gulping a bottomless mug of minute strawberry coated needles in slushy form. It hurts real bad.
I try not to think… But i do so anyway knowing fully well the cosequences to come soon after but how can i stop thinking too hard? My mind is my abode of peace. I figured sleeping could turn the drill in my brain off but ive already used that card this afternoon. I wouldnt be able to sleep now…huh. this will be a longg sleepless and aching night.

Man, gimme the drugs now.

Postscript: for those i havent mentioned to, for a month or two im just going to work on my writing skills before school starts so its just going to be wordy post after wordy post for the meantime. My head is exploding right now. Ciao



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