because im jobless

My eyes finally felt light. I wanted to just close my eyes and finish my dream but i knew that that itself is a standalone pipe dream. The floor of my room came into view first. Thats funny because my floor is not seenable under the mess i made since the start of my holiday. I see a pizza box on the floor. Huh… According to tv and comics, having empty pizza boxes on your floor usually means your room is a warzone and youre a slob. I just grinned to myself at that very possible prospect.

My camping bags are in a bunch at the corner in my room. Sitting there like a ticking time bomb. The thought of unleashing my dirty clothes out in my contained room gave me chills. I was scared for my life honestly. That thought quickly passed as i slowly got into the current song playing on my ipod on shuffle, you are so beautiful by Louis Armstrong. I was tranced by the song. Not by the lyrics per se but the simplicity of the song coupled with the intensity of his voice. I shrugged my head out of my daydream and spinned the worn out clickwheel to a more fitting song for my predicted unproductive day, be my escape by ReliantK. I started humming but always sang the chorus. Everytime trying to sing one octave higher than my normal vocal range. Thus convincing myself that i have a bad singing voice everytime i hit a note i cant reach.

I started smiling at the things my dear friend Ateeq told me a couple of hours before. Nostalgia hit as i started missing her and the other people i was with for the first 5 days of december.

I expertly manouvered around my mess of a room and got to the door. Wished my turtle, littlefot a good morning and went to the kitchen. There were two notes on the table.

for Faiz, 4 buns.


For Fahmi, 3 vege buns. Sorry nda cukup buns.

I saw that my lil brother already took his and i checked what my mum made for me before she went to work. It was the sausage buns but the crevice was filled with pineapple chunks and mushrooms with a dash of melted parmesan cheese on top. I silavated at the food in front of me which my little brother wouldve barfed at. Damn.. My mum got most it right but she didnt put herbs and rosemaries on it. She knew i was crazy for those herbal seasonings. Oregano would be yummy too.

I started to think again while i ate with the monster rancher 4 game theme song playing in the background. Today would be the day the dreaded twilight movie will show. I can expect 2 or 3 people blogging about it later. I laughed at that obvious prediction. I honestly wanted to go swimming today. Its been months since i have but the heavy clouds outside made a grim face. Then theres that reunion thing going on. The thought of going to bandar made me look the other way. It would suggest getting out of bed and finding transport and such. I just want a feel good reunion. Something like just party at a campers place and playing ddr and just hang or a bonfire party at the beach or anything that doesnt need much planning. Not going to empire… Again.

My final thought was about the two nights ago and how faris deliberately ruined my perception of a certain someone. Then about how me and Broy almost died of shock when we were hanging at 3.30am outside. It was pretty late, really dark and super quiet you could hear a pin drop but instead we heard the sound of sad crying childrens all of a sudden. Man.. My face almost melted right there.

….Huh. well thats another day gone and another day wiser i grew. Im growing pretty wise. Congratulations to mee



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