walkthrough of camp.

Crap! I just wrote a whole detailed journal of my camp experience. Spent hours and when i highlighted it to be copied, i pressed ‘e’. Seeing it disappear hurts. Ouch.

So il do a brief redo.

Day One.

Woke up late and realised i havent finished packing the night before! Rushing much.
Made it 15 mins late. But damn i didnt have time to pee at home while rushing so first on the agenda, the toilet!
Saw ateeq! Gave her a long overdue hug.

Met my teammates! Muiz and Minul were with me this time! Then theres the gentle giant Malcolm, our own transformer Jazz, our rugby player Zuhdi, Squash player Deana, our temburonger si Boy, Santi’s sister Ainul, Farah’s sister Hana, and our own Zaty.

Timelapse a few hours and we find ourselves in ADBD 3rd national battalion. Marching was first on the list. It was great fun! Wasnt as tough as it seemed and the soldiers were pretty awesome and fun. Not mean like you would think. Haha. I over stereotyped them.

We were given rations. The food soldiers consume during hikes and camps. And im not complaining much but itd be nice to have something vegetarian to eat. Not just chicken and beef.
Though Ainul was trying to plump me up! She kept making sure i ate something. And if i say no shed give me a tiny pout and her big sad eyes and then ill somehow end up agreeing with whatever she says. Eheh. Persuasive.

My tentmates, jazz and malcolm kept fighting over to open the tent door or not coz one was hot and the other was afraid of getting mosquito bites respectively. I slept like a baby and i didnt even take out my sleepingbag the whole night. Just lay there and snoze.

Day Two.

Woke up real early but so has everyone else so showers were filled, booked and double booked. Luckily me and faris used the hidden toilet me and naufal uncovered the night before which was cleaner and calmer.

This was a tiring day. Had like an amazing race thing. The activities were fun but easy, setting an army camp tent, shooting and handling a gun, rolling and unrolling the fire hose, assembling and disassembling a radio, locating foreign objects in the woods and some others i cant recall. The activities were easy really. It was the going from one checkpoint to another that was the tough part. I mean the area was hugee. 7 out of 11 of my team mates had to pull out due to asthma, exhaustion or cramps. Haha.
Got back to the Seria camp site and had an awesome well deserved shower. Had a quick dinner and went to bed and slept like a rock.

Before going i kinda thought my team would have a load of their back with a veggy as a teammate but man was i wrong. It seemed like i was high in priority. Everyone wanted to feed me.

Oh. Also i kept making eye contact with ateeq throughout camp like it was a game. Eheh.

Day Three.

Woke up and had a brisk walk. Made me sleepy so i just talked to muiz’s lil sister. Eheh. Silly siblings. So we had another of those amazing race things though this one was much much easier. It was all mindgames. So here youve got to be mentally fit to succeed. We almost got it j;
Dumb luck had it that the other team found the treasure first. Still had a great time though. So after that had a little bit of sports but i just went and taught Ateeq, Ikhwan, Nina and zal how to play poker. Haha. It was great. Betting on candies. Im a bad influence i know. I took away all the sweets at the end so dont worry.

That night we had the tech challenge. Man did we rock at that! Our homemade slingshot and picker were ace. Managed to get the best time of 13 secs and we fooled around most of the time.

Later that night we had a discussion about the performance. Man!! Zuhdi literally ROFL nonstop, Boy was LHAO hard and everyone else seriously LOLed and stealing everyones attention. I mean pacah wah laughing our whole team! Haha.
Was crazy and bittersweet.

Day Four.

Woke up tired. Spent the night talking to faris and broy til ard 2ish. So after the shower we walked to the Shell firehouse, we were told to run the final leg but me and deana just jogged together and chat about her squash tourneys and life story. Eheh. So when we got there we had this amazing race things again but man! The activities were sweeet. Used the fire hydrant, saved dummies in the smokehouse, located hidden marked people, went looking and collecting equipments, got through a hell of a noisy riot room, set up a stretcher and more. The activities were challenging there and they make you run around alot of times. Eheh. But it was fun and well worth the experience. Ended with a foam bath and that was wicked and we went back to our campsite. There was a dance instructor when we got home and Ainul was already shaking her booteh.
I went to get my towel and toiletry bag and when i went to thd toilet the number of campers dancing had multiplied. Haha. So i just joined in before i hit the shower. Now i belly dance like a pro. Hahaha. Roightt.

Day Five.

Spent the last night playing truth or dare! Haha. You wont believe how many people revealed their camp crushes. And tim tim actually kissed a dirty support beam. Haha. Ewww. Gross dare.

So the morning after i woke up damn late. Tim was supposed to smear toothpaste all over littlemans face while he slept but i just woke so whatevs. Haha.
So we spent the morn making props for our performance which made the top 5 out of 13. I honestly think team Mc Gyver deserved in coz i loved theirs the best. Sure it wasnt funny but the message in theirs was powerful. I think ours sucked. Haha. But i guess im my own worst critic.

Performances went by and the closing ceremony was so depressing.
Signed our shirts and hugged everyone. Broy, Akmal and Ateeq cried! Aww. So i gave them all long hugs and group hugs. Haha. Everyone was emotional. But i think Ainul and me hugged the most. Ard 8 big ones in half an hour. Il miss everyone. Keep in touch everyone.

Negatives of the signs on my shirt. Click to view clearly.



10 thoughts on “walkthrough of camp.

  1. what a stupid dare and yet, i still did it =.=”
    i didn’t actually kiss it 😛 hehehehehe….

    you should’ve woke me up! i wanted to do that dare. MWAHAHAHAHA…

    who signed your shirt first? aku kah? 😛 hahaha

    and what’s up with you guys callling me timtim? is it like a virus or something? macam, lots of people are starting to call me that. hmm. but i don’t mind. just wanted to know why. that’s all. *makes a face and wiggles eyebrows.

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