from S.E.Asianz to nigguhz in 5 days.

im back from my 5 day tanning experience and i miss everyone… /=
Especially team cptjacksparrow (Ainul especially), kbiconers and definitely Akmal.
Leave a comment if ur an dec 08 camper please.



6 thoughts on “from S.E.Asianz to nigguhz in 5 days.

  1. my cats! make sure u shower them with loads of love and feed them and bath them as i instructed. let them out of the room too everyday. cheers from phi phi island!

  2. to farah- haha. Yes! After the 18 hour sleep i got i thought that was the end of that but man i keep getting tired every few hours recently. I mean i got up and went to bed ard 3 times today.

    To fify- apa eh si africa ni. Haha. Imy to. Eee.. Menyasal ku nda hang w you more masa camp. Haha.

    To timah and amin- you guys arent the only one! I miss everyone too. Macam im post camp denial. Eheh.

    To freddy- il shower B tomorrow. Then both of them next week. And ur room stanky. Cats are in my room.

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