Fatal Repulsion.

Be a sport and help me conclude the future of this blog?

hey gabba gabba.

guess what, Im going camping tomorrow. Surprise surprise! Actually im quite surprised myself since i told myself i probably wouldnt go but somehow my friends convinced me otherwise. haha. boo me and my lack of self control. At least i have something to look forward to- meeting Ateeq again! haha. who by the way got tricked into joining camp as well. two of a kind huh.

Oh, and you know the girl i mentioned in the last post? well.. sucks to be me. Lets call her ‘G’ and i actually realized that knew her for months now but only as mild aquaintance but somehow i didn’t recognize her that day. i mean she was god damn gorgeous bah. I finally got to KNOW her after that day and then we kinda had a small thing going. so small its invisible to anyone else anyway. Honestly that was the first real thing i felt in a really long time but just today, at  just past 1pm she took a brick and threw it at my face and snapped me out of my dream. She played the ‘Good news bad news game’ with me and naturally i picked bad news first which i kinda regret because you know what she told me? she told me shes moving. Moving to Jakarta and probably won’t be coming back.





it seems like fate finds that i should live like a hermit or something. I mean seriously… The day i told her i had a crush on her was the day she told me shes moving out of the country. Did i bring it or did i bring it? Even though ‘A’ slyly implied to me that she ‘G’ a thing for me, doesn’t matter anymore. Since shes going to be out of the Country by Christmas.

First i drive a girl to Canada, Now i drive a girl to Jakarta. Sheesh. Its like im bigfoot or something this year.

I know its bad karma to leave a post feeling sad or angry. i mean i wouldnt enjoy reading sad items so let me just leave you with this little joke.

What do you call cheese that doesnt belong to you?









Nacho cheese!

Get it?



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