halabaloo holiday.

I cant believe its been this long since i last posted something substantially timeworthy!

Im kinda tech deprived which explains it.
I was planning to get a personal lappy this holiday but my sis went and got a new one and is going to give me hers which she got like 12 months ago. Suhweeet.

Anyway A LOT of things have happened these past few weeks and i do not have the mood or energy or usable RAM memory to write it all down. So let me just mention the MORE recent events.

Akmal is leaving KB! Gahhh.
Last night he and naufal slept over my place and ewww. He was kinda satisfying my horny cat. Haha. Kinky lozar.
Woohoo. Im joining the walk-a-hunt with akmal and hopefully we’ll win a trip to perth or bangkok or wherever together! What better to do after hunting treasure than hunting potentially hot girls! Kickass.

So it was St Johns prom last night and it was greatt! Haha.
Actually the thought that it WAS supposed to be my prom kinda sucked. Just like how fred prolly felt because i wouldve voted bash and fred as king and queen. Yes bash, you! Much cuter couple people.. Muchh cuter. At least more so than the choosen royals, Bakhtiar and Nabihah.

The afterprom rave stole most of the night! Oh and there was this VERYY cute vixen who this girl who we’ll just refer to as ‘A’ (chick i got to know on the dancefloor) made sure i took notice of.
Wavy hair, red waist belt, hot dress and the cuteeest smile. Say ‘cuteeest’ with a squeeky voice with your face all scrumpled up! Like after eating a sour lemon … but less ugly with your lips slightly puckered.
So yeah. Definitely dont mind seeing her again. Growls seductively*

Anyhoo,got home after midnight, showered and walked to faris’s place. We were graping(menganggur) and ended up sleeping on the floor of his porch until about 4am. Daymn was it cold! we then walked back to my place to actually get a deserved good night sleep but akmal kept asking disturbing what-if questions that would have something to do thatl end with being forced to seeing yours or someone else’s mother naked doing things that id rather leave to your imagination. -_-‘
You can imagine how disturbed i was. Goosebumps kept coursing through my body from my toes to my neck when i think of it. Shivers*

Oh no! This entry feels wrong to me somehow. Like im writing noobstyle. Whatever. I am deep down a noob. Its just masked underneath my manly macho exterior. =P

Neways. Ciao party peeps. Gonna hang out with the peeps. Later!

And i was joking about that macho manly comment. Ciao!


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