my baloon definitely didnt pop.

Remember the balloon i onced talked about? The stress filled balloon about to blow due to the immense pressure?
Funny thing happened see..

So metaphorically the balloon was tied with a string of anticipation and recently due to the fact that the exam has started.. There was no more anticipation hence no more string.

The by product of this is alot of stress rushing out instantly relieving the pressure acting on said balloon…..
.,..resulting in me being careless or worst yet, carefree.

I dont know if that makes any sense whatsoever to anyone else but since the pressure has dropped tremendously i now feel alot of laziness overcoming me.
Im like a flacid balloon….as stationary like Santa in June.

My studies are depending solely on willpower now and not doing too well i might add. All this probably makes sense if youre going through what i am. But still

..wish me luck! Oh and pressure me if you can!

And tip for everyone.

Tie not your balloons with anticipation but rather with horror and thoughts of thy future or whatever it takes to hold in that pressure

Trust me. You dont want to feel the lazy this early during the exam.



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