Cooking is a science you know?

Green tea ice cream.

I needed to post an update. =j
So yester-yesterday afternoon, OGDC held a ‘kitchen science’ session with the day’s menu of Ice creammm~

A guy who cooks is a turn on as I’ve heard.

Now let me make it clear first.
This is ice CREAM alright. Meaning its creamy. I am not talking about putting a cup of ‘MILO’ into the freezer with a spoon in it.

This is just trivial but a lot of people overlook this so for your information, an ice cream looks like this..

.. while this on the other hand is just flavored ice.

Theres a difference.

Anyway back to the story ‘ back to basic ‘ was our team name and we won 3rd position for best green tea ice cream. Woohoo.
Oh yes, Vance Tan was the one to judge our creations. Head off to his blog to get the full lowdown. I suck at being a reporter so yeah. boo hoo.

Oh yes. I burned my fingers the other night!. Though i think i deserved it. (;

A firecracker went off in my hand last night. It was a Willy Cayote moment yes it was. I had a lighted firecracker in my hand, was panicking. i was like “oh shit oh shit oh shit!” and right when i was holding my hand up about to throw it away, ‘kaploeww!!’. It was a priceless moment. Now I need someone to kiss my bruise and make it better.

Oh shit. O level starts in less than a month! Understand if my updates are unsatisfactory or lacking. Though I’ll probably be taking some time off as we get closer to the exam. Anyway, ciao.



7 thoughts on “Cooking is a science you know?

  1. to Timah- eheh. yeaa. because everyone wants to just sit back while their partner cooks for them.

    to Vance- Don’t mention it. Had a good time. oh. I’m joining this Friday afternoon session as well. Strawberry shake day.

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