we got ourselves some outlaws

im not going to write much so dont go screaming into the heavens about this update.

I’ll just provide you with the highlights of these few days okay. (:

My english oral and B.M oral was sooo much more easier than how I pictured it in my mind. I played the ‘saving animal’ card during my english and the ‘student who doesn’t use his parent’s divorce as an excuse for being lazy in life’ card during my BM oral so I think I made a greatt first and last impression.
I’m satisfied. Heeee

So the most interesting thing that has happened this week would probably be today’s assembly.
I had to remove this site from being META’d into search engines because I bet the dicipline teachers would be all over the net by now and I don’t feel comfortable having them here. I’ll allow search engines to detect LifeUnderaPile after this whole thing blows over everyones faces I guess.

Anyway, the story was that a few students or ex-students of the school I go to have been posting stuff about our dicipline teachers on the brutimes school forum. The teachers being the hot headed people they are went and made everyone bleed from their ears this morning no matter who they were! Pfft. Me especially as I was directly infront of them during the assembly. They were soo furious as though someone has just stolen their baby.

So the Dicipline teacher who also being the higher salary teachers they are went and offered 300 dollar CASH to anyone who can provide information that can lead to the identity of a ‘ l a m a n g l a b a i’ (remove the spaces which are just precautionary). They are also willing to increase the reward amount if necessary.

The webmaster has deleted the forum threads though so you can’t view it but you know what they say, “if an information has been on the net.. then you can never guarantee it to be 100% destroyed”. With that in mind, I managed to get a copy of the threads from an online cache the buzz would never think of looking at which even if they did knew about, they’d expect us stupid teenagers to not know about it.

Anyhooo, I’ve read them and have concluded that the teachers have overreacted way over the line. They seemed to have exaggerated the whole thing 10 fold bah. I mean willing to sue? Willing to reward hundreds of dollars? calling their childrens pigs as well as praying for them to turn INTO pigs?
Self control yo. Thing is.. I never thought anyone above 30 years of age to be so emotionally affected by online bullying by a bunch of kids. I picture depressed teenage girls when i think of online bullying. Eheh. But nyehh.. I won’t get involved. 300 cash is not worth the lifetime shunning for being a tattletale.

So lets push that off the table. Ohh, went to see my relatives for the first day of Puasa. My cousin Khaliq was being so Gay. Haha. He gave me goosebumps whenever he tries to grab my thigh or play with my hair while shitting out oodles of pent up ‘i love yous’ to us all (insider joke). Haha.

okay. I lied.. I wrote more than the stub I was hoping but screw that. :j
I’ll leave you with a joke I just remembered.

What was the last thing that went through a bee’s mind as it splattered onto a moving cars windsheild?
Its ass!

If you don’t get it, think outside the box. laterr materr



11 thoughts on “we got ourselves some outlaws

  1. I agree with you!:D They kinda carried away,pigs do sound bad but at least it didn’t cut off a piece of her heart right?Pigs are still animals.): and leak the info,get the cash!As if we know something.xD

  2. i did figure out a little sumtin sumtin about the whole thing (:

    but i wont take the reward. since im not really fond of the teachers myself, i’d be a hipocrit because i find that the dicipline teachers are overpaid biased people with all their fancy cars and manipulative words.

    standing as a 3rd party, its easy to see how they can turn the tables. giving them the advantage everytime due to their manipulative talking.
    sadly i think theyre biased. biased towards only their opinion without consideration of everyone elses. its sad.

    we need a revolution.

  3. “My cousin Khaliq was being so Gay. Haha. He gave me goosebumps whenever he tries to grab my thigh or play with my hair while shitting out oodles of pent up…” – I always do this to my friends. AHAHAHA. but the weird thing is, they play along. 😀 Not that i like it but its fun.

  4. Wow.. a nice post, but hey.. come on… You know lah teachers nowadays… Semuanya will go exaggerating everything, just to cover their asses. Plus, why do they have to be that sensitive?? Come on, every each one of us been through worst right? Say “NO” and I’m gonna say that person is bluffing!

    I pity you guys though for being forced to have your ears as their victims. Being cursed as pigs isn’t that bad compare to if that particular “l a m a n g l a b a i” person make up stories to give students the picture that, that teacher is actually a tramp or might just turn his/ her daughter into one as a thread. Guess that they don’t really know what teenagers are thinking.

    And $300 rewards for such matter? Cheap thinking.. They should have known, money could never really help a teen to help teachers to take another teen down in this kind of matter..

    Oh yes fahmii (: have a look in my page, I wrote a post about you 🙂

  5. to Killa- haha. um…. aku nda mau cakap apa apa pasal ia. bulan puasa ni. hahaha.

    to Ikh- hey bro, to be honest, i kinda do it too at times. hahaha. Especially when they play along. then it’ll become like a little role playing game for us. haha. but im not gay though!

    to Nabster- you’re sweeet. Seriously… i was touched when i read your post.
    And its okay. i only have a couple of months left before I’m outta there. everythings good.

  6. nahh. it hasnt. sure. go and knock yourself out.
    it might bring about a change in teachers everywhere.
    JUST dont name any teachers or schools and make it clear that youre just a third party. not a student.

    though fyi, the teachers got their hands on the forum poster already.

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