Plan B is now in full effect.

tomorrow is my english oral! im looking forward to it (:
my june oral went so well that i actually enjoy talking with english major people. I can talk about loads of shit and they will usually still be impressed. eheh. minus the swearing though.

then my BM oral is on the 3rd september. hmmph. i got a C4 for my june BM oral exam unlike my A1 for my june english oral exam so im kinda not really looking forward to this. i wish theyd loosen up bah and just converse with me instead of just following the questions almost religously.

ohh. for the sake of my special friend, Anne and also myself, im gonna TRY to keep myself away from girls. Im gonna use the time to study for my upcoming exam. Faiz Hafiz has been rattling my ass to be there w him if he ever gets his scholarship..which im sure he will. haha. oh how i wish i can catch up with him. Im seriously motivated to study now. Gonna studyy HARD now. For sure! but i keep saying that… so it has kinda lost its novelty by now.

anyhoo. i will! Then i’ll relax during my holiday! Gonna spend a fair portion of it with Akmal. He sent me this seriouslyyy sweet gay text 2..3 days ago. The kind of text youd expect from someone NOT of a similar sex as you. the kind of text where IF i was a girl, id be dropping my pants by now. hahahaha BUT IM NOT! and i actually WOULDN’T! haha. though I literally went “awwwwwwwwww…..” after i read his text. anyway me and akmal are planning to spend a lot of time together during the hols before he goes and does his thing. I wanna do something crazy this end of year. any suggestions? id appreciate the stupidest unreal suggestions you can throw my way as i myself cant come up w anything. eee..Fahmii suxz.



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