My day in pictures II

I havent posted any pictures in awhile. A long while actually so i’ll just skip the main conversation and just leave you the most recent pictures.

i like you very very much!!

So Ezah (classmate) brought like these mint candies with phrases and words on the back and gave us a shitload of them during maths extra class. i just made alot of these personalized notes w them and sent them around to everyonee.

i gave Diane – youre someone special Diane!

i gave Siddiq- Let’s be best friends 4eva!

i gave Mei Jun- Split! your legs.

and i gave Raja- Serius amat? releks yo!

I’m thinking of giving the one in the picture above to Shwu Tyng tomorrow. haha. I’m so corny.

So yesterday i was walking towards me car at the school parking lot and i was actually pretty bummed then so i went and just stared at the ground while walking w a sad look on my face. Then i got deadtracked when i saw this heart in front of me on the ground. It was facing me perfectly and it cheered me up so. Maybe it was a sign or something. Whatever it was it came when i needed it most.


Here is Munii! my baby. She has grown quite alot FYI. Her body has gotten more sexier and slender. noo. I’ll probably have to beat them horny flirtatious male cats w a stick soon. hahaa. im just joking. i wouldnt do that (:

My favourite ‘flaming hot’ biology teacher- Teo ying ying gave me this huge case of chocolates! It was like soo sweet the way she gave them to me. Ard 15 minutes before class i went and told her i’ll get an A in my nov Biology exam for her. Emphasize on the ‘for her’ part. Then she gave me the ‘Teo’ look because i was just being jobless as i was not doing my work and was just chatting w Amril on how much Mei Jun looks looks like shes making a goldfish face from the side as she has cute fat cheeks. The ‘Teo’ look is the look my teacher gives us when she’d go ‘chehh’ or ‘pfft’ but instead of saying it, she has a look for that .. and us at the back would always try to fish that look out of her every once in a while because she looks soo adorable when she does it. haha. soo at the end of class she kinda held me back when everyone else started leaving the lab and brought me to the back supply room of the lab and handed me the chocolates. She smiled and told me she got them for me. Isn’t my teacher like the sweetest person ever? eheh. After that i keep telling myself she gave them to me with full of love. haha. aku perasaan berabiss. But either way, it was still awfully nice of her. Thanks teacher.

I think theres like less than half inside the case already as i went and shared them all w my classmates as i didn’t want to be selfish and hog the lovely chocolates all to myself. I know it was given with love but that doesn’t mean i should be stingy because of it. hahha. righttt~ And plus it’ll bring me good karma for the upcoming exam soon. I’ll need all the good luck and good karma i can get so yeaa. send me good wishes and thoughts please :j



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