the random Sunday post II

Me Fahmii and mee ate alot’o cheeesee yesturde. suddenly considering converting to the vegan life.The life without cheese and eggs and milk and such. ummm…. But….nah. i don’t think i can manage it especially due to the fact that i’m living in Brunei. But I do feel as though I will try turning vegan one day.

Dude. I just made a sweet bargain yesterday in Miri. The lady just sold this 100RM jacket to me for like 50RM and she acted like she didn’t even know. Haha. and me and my brother kinda got lost on our way home and ended up at this dark secluded shipyard place where we saw a guy naked or half naked on the road. Freaky shit. It’s like 8 ish in the morning right now so I haven’t got much to talk about okayy. Soo..

…I would like to say a little something about someone special, Marrianne. One of the most prettiest and seriously adorrrrable girl I have yet to know. So much that her charm hasn’t yet let loosen its grapplehold on me.

We’ve only known each other for around a week or so and she has already gotten me to say sorry to my ex, gotten me to spill out ALOT of my relationship milestones to her and has also gotten me to beat her pretty ass in a poklen challenge. eheh. She’s so.. Special that way. :j
she says she’s not but she’s pretty sensitive about the topic ‘girls and me’ eventhough she keeps asking about them but I find this.. Cute in a way. I mean…she tries to be even more special eventhough she already is. But then, she will kinda never accept compliments which frustrates me because I just wanna tell her how adorable she is all the time.

So I told her I’d post an entry which includes her so here it is =)
sorry if this entry is boring to some of you. eheh. ciao.



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