Uncle kracker-follow me is totally the lovee.

*barry white voice* Ohhhh Babeh babeh.

I don’t normally post chain posts because I feel that I can dish out more interesting things to write about than telling you ‘the first white thing I see’ or ‘the last person I texted’ or those shit. And tagging people is such a chore if you haven’t noticed. Anyhoo, Diane insisted so here goes. Get ready to get you face melted off if you plan on reading the boring facts about me.

Tiga Golden Rules stated :
1) State 15 weird things / habits / little facts about yourself.
2) The 10 people I tag are to then follow my footsteps and write down their own 15 of these.
3) Lastly , no TAGS back.

Yada yada yada.

Here goes! Whaapow.

I, Fahmii Suwadi :-

1. bites my back end of my pens ;
2. likes to acknowledge the tiny things people do that never gets noticed ;
3. thinks cereal taste better after midnight ;
4. am to pretty girls like superman is to kryptonite ;
5. is turned on by pretty eyes and long legs ;
6. am one of those people who doesn’t think that when a girl’s *ahem* size is bigger then shes more attractive. prefer em just proportion to body frame ;
7. just found out I am more of an ass guy. Haha ;
8. is a gemini so is known to do disappearing acts ;
9. sometimes lazily swallow capsule pills and let it lodge itself in my throat for the time being until I finally have a drink sometime afterward ;
10. sometimes try to make eye contact w random people and smile ;
11. hates reading excessive 733t typings, random cAsE typings or when ppl replace their B’s with V’s and R’s with W’s or those kind of crap sho vewy vewy much…veveh ;
12. has a habit of entering queries and numbers into my calculator and when I finally press ‘=’, I sigh in annoyance when i realise my calculator isn’t even on ;
13. always expects a crash whenever I see people carelessly overtaking cars like they’re invincible or whatnot. jimat cermat pandu selamat yo ;
14. has one dimple on my left cheek. Antam antam tell people that it means my dimple genes are co dominant (each parents genes on each cheek if you don’t speak loser) ;
15. Has blood type U. That means unknown.

“Now you know…. Fahmii suwadi.”

Whoop de doo. Don’t hessitate to comment.
I’m off to revise amaths… Or sleep. Whichever I feel like doing first.

P.S: I tag perez hilton, Nelson Mandela, my uncle Bolkiah also known as YMMPSB sultan Bolkiah MW of Brunei Darussalam, you, your brother, your mother, your sister and anyone that’s important to you. Jangan nada you guys.

P.P.S: which reminds me, add my tagged account if you have one too. This is random but it fits with the title so yeahh. :j



3 thoughts on “Tagged.

  1. No. 3, no. 5 and no.12 hahaha totally remind me of someone that I know quite well.. And I believe that, that someone is….. ME 😀 hahaha except for no. 5 I’m not into legs, just beautiful eyes 😉 whaaaat?? Guys so can have beautiful eyes.. 😉

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