Mei Jun O level results.


Click the picture to see my results

O level May/June results just came out this afternoon. I’m pretty bummed out due to my BM. This June was supposed to be like my safety net for the Oct/Nov exam but my net has a big hole in it now.

I did okay for the rest i guess. I screwed up my bio so im lucky i still managed a B and i wrote alot of nonsense non-logic shit for my geography so god knows how i managed an A on that one. I’m pretty confident i can up my bio to an A this Nov as i feel most Q’s i didnt answer are the ones we haven’t studied for so hopefully an A. At the end of the day, my BM marks still ruins everything. pfft.

I realise a lot of people including the smart ones didn’t score that well in Malay too so I’m no special case at least.

Like what Megan once called me, I’m a banana. Yellow on the outside but white on the inside. haha. nahhh. maybe a little bit.

oh. congrats to FAIZ KIPLI, my used to be classmate. He’s an O level freshie like me but he got 8 O’s w 5 A’s. im like soo jealous. Imagine what his november result would be like. Pfft. I’ll just stick to aiming for 5 A’s. wish me luck.

AND for those who are searching for the GCEO May/June 2008 results, here’s a copy courtesy of Nabilah HMZ.

download now.

it’s hosted on RapidShare so will prob last a couple of months only. Later boys and girls.



7 thoughts on “Mei Jun O level results.

  1. i spotted my name (: hee.. Still feeling down? I hope not.. Coz apparently, I’m doing great today 😀 was feeling a lil too down this morning, but things went quite well.. I realised that, no matter how bad something taunts or exasperate me, I’ll still have a rainbow-ed afternoon after a heavy rain-ed morning 😉 Remember.. It is true that the sun that rises every morning sets everyday.. But the setting sun will still rise tomorrow.. we get pains and joys everyday, only in various kinds of ways 🙂

  2. to nabster- thats deep. im feeling alot better fyi and yeaa. thanks for the concern. :j
    its sweet.

    to megan- haha. after figuring out the banana thing. the term ‘talurrr’ brings new meaning to me. white outside, yellow inside.

    hahahaha. youre not a banana.

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