the random Sunday post.

(in true bimbo fashion) “bitchhhh, Don’t play me for no fool. ummmhmmm.”

yoo mama so old that when people asks which came first, the chicken or the egg?
everyone answered it was yo mama’s ovaries.

i kinda spent 5 minutes coming up with that. haha.

Anyway, Christy is gonna kill me. I kinda just inhaled a tub of ice cream. Okay, so it was only a pint(470 ish ml) sized tub but still a lot for one to consume in 5 minutes FYI. We kinda made this system where I can only eat ice cream every 3 days or more and if I do it enough then i’ll get a reward from her one day. If I disobey enough then she’ll punish me one day as well. Last time i ate was yesterday. Eheh. spankey spankey (;
Isn’t it great having a caring asskicking friend like her to look after you?

I am currently in love with Kay Hanley. Former singer of the band Letters to cleo. Seriously amazingg voice wah. Turns me on for sure which is why I have ‘co-pilot’, ‘sunshine on window’ and ‘cruel to be kind’ on loop since Thursday. I feel turned onn. Growll!



2 thoughts on “the random Sunday post.

  1. heyy fahmi, where are you now btw?? don’t sound like your in st johns anymore? hahahaha are you?!? hmm.. anyho0s, i find pleasure reading your blog, and look forward to reading the next post haha.

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