Getcho Head In The Game.

updated and polished.*

I just went and became an awesomely jerkey jerk. unsalted. Gahh. The dramaa is eating me up. I’m trying to get myself ready for the exams as I am sooo not ready. Haven’t even revised at home once so need to do some intensive nolimit ‘kapowwww’ style studying.

I convinced Muffy to block me not long ago. I just couldn’t handle the drama of choosing an answer to a simple yes or no question as my feelings for her are uncertain. A part of my feelings doesn’t wanna move away from her but another part of me does. Two wrongs don’t make a right you know. She labels herself a player.. Or expects me to but i … aint so different.
soo…. I convinced her to block me at least until the exams are over. I regret some stuff.. But I think this is for the best.

Then there’s girls that I cant avoid. For instance, Shwu Tyng from school. The girl I mentioned from the hershey post. Noo. I don’t want to avoid her nor does she distract me from my studies. Nooo. she actually makes me wanna study harder as she’s on the verge of beating me in our studies as she keeps asking me on my marks like it mean something. Now shes like.. 1 marks to beat my average. The thing is just that we always keep having this on off thing. Eventhough we don’t ever mention it to each other or anyone else.
SOMEdays its there…. Somedays it seems like it never existed. And no… I’m not chasing her…. Anymore. I expressed myself already. constantly leaving the strip paper tabs you get from hershey kisses chocolates. Giving her the ones with ‘i really like you’ or ‘ you love me’. Somedays she accepts them and smiles, somedays she throws them in the bin which is why I’m taking it easy now. Though I think I made headway during the CFBT thing yesterday.

Then there’s christy. noo… Blocking isn’t necessary. Not after the year we’ve known each other. She’ll understand me being busy but then I probably need to stop texting her too. I think out of maybe a 100 text messages in my inbox, 94 would be from Christy, 4 from some GiRl fr0m sk0ol who speAkz LiKe This and the rest from my mummeh. Christy keeps my happy is all and keeps me ALMOST satisfied from having to dip into relationships. She treats me like a kitten and I enjoy it and she enjoys it too.

That reminds me of yesterday, Mei Jun showed me she has a kinky fetish for dead shrimps during Biology practical.

“hey! Look at thiss! *shows the shrimp she has in her hand bobbing it’s head up and down at her* it’s like the sexiestt thing EVER”

she says her fetishes for raw seafood and japanese crossdressers makes her interesting. Umm… Yeah, i admit it does :j
Who else am I gonna pout and make kissy sounds to?

I soo wana go on a holiday this december. Anyone wants to join me to KL?



4 thoughts on “Getcho Head In The Game.

  1. to lildiane-
    yeahh. and youre gonna live in a farm with your grandma where theres ducks to chase and a well to get water from and everything. so cool wah.

    to Saadah-
    eheh. you think? actually, its like going downhill slightly these days.
    you know, w the exams and shit.
    actually, i dont think i have been playing well from the start. im a n00b at relationships.

    to mesmeriza-
    Izzahhhh! ezah ezah ezah ezah ezah!
    yeaa. i noticed your blog ‘tidak dapat ditemui’ anymore. fixed the link already. And i knew you’d like the description. =j

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