CFBT writing exercise.

I was stuffed. My jaw, sore from the overwhelming amount of food i ordered. I was exhausted after going to this CFBT english programme not long before. Time seemed to flew by as if someone tried to throw a clock out the window again. My taste buds were rarring with the wasabi aftertaste flare. I don’t know if it’s because i was in bliss or because the cook slipped some G into the tempura but i didn’t mind as it was euphoric.

I came home satisfied from dinner in a way that after i would lay on my bed, you shouldn’t expect to see me up in at least 6 hours time..

..and that was exactly what i did.

it’s 3am by now and i am up mostly due to the fact that i was feeling mighty uncomfortable sleeping w my GA blue pants on and i forgot to brush my teeth the night before.
I felt disgusting.

pants.. gone.

Not long after, I recieved an email
from an anonymous person with the initials R.E.M . He or she stated in the email that “it was the end of the world as we know it, and i feel fine”

i was dumbfounded with the email which doesn’t actually exist outside my brain but then it clicked.

I was probably abducted by angels who shapeshifted as aliens to mask their true beauty. By then i was comfortably laying in bed with my simpsons boxer where homer is eating a doughnut next to my crotch. Things started to make sense as i slowly descend towards what Christy has been wishing me as ‘sweetdreams’.

I am halfway through my succumb of sleep and I am sure that when I wake up, my ‘maki’ bliss will wear our by then and i will be flabberghasted with this post I have unknowingly written. I will forget and with that i may now sleep with peace in mind.


conclusion of exercise: I didnt really did much proofreading and as you can see, i still make alot of mistakes. some common ones like using i instead of I or my capital letterring. Major mistake i noticed was jumping from writing in past tense to present tense and back to past tense etc. damnn.
I do ard 2..3ish times of lineant proofreading here but I dont get that luxury during the exam and i cant just change my tenses as that would take too much time.

As you can see I make alot of mistakes too. i suck in english. You guys are most welcomed to laugh and point out my mistakes.


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