Girls, Thorned beautiful roses.

No handlebars by flowbots.

One of the best video-clips I’ve seen in a while. Another heart piercing video FYI.

Doesn’t the video just makes you open your eyes. Like something just opened in your mind. The racial hangings really touched me. okay Fahmii, stop rambling.

I feel terrible at the moment. Kinda funny as i started the day pretty happy.. because Christy, the person who i can always count on to give me my overdose amount of happiness gave me the green light on stuff i told her I’d stop for her. Then not long after, sadness started to gloom over my Sunday. I can’t really say i was heartbroken because i didn’t really lay my heart for this pretty girl whom I’m not gonna name but i feel seriouslyyy bummed out. It seems that my Sundays are never perfect anymore.

I’m reluctantly…. proud? no. embarrassed? no. I’m reluctantly neutral to say that i have never had anyone say ‘ILY’ to me and actually meant it… at least to my knowledge anyway. Other than my relatives and family that is. I guess karma is gnawing on my bumcheeks. uhuh. and it sucks too.  eheh.. i can imagine you guys going like “what the hell happened? wtf is Fahmii bitching abt that mf loser?”

Nadaa. I just feel like the second choice. When i say karma, It’s that i have a habit of juggling girls. Lashing out sugary words and compliments like it was my job. Either backing off or jumping to friends immediately when things get too serious or right before things like ‘forever’ or ‘ILY’ starts to pop up as not to break hearts in such a way of no repair. That probably explains a lot to some of you. Then when i finally got interested in someone, I would either be brushed aside or in this case, juggled. Even though any guy would be lucky to get juggled by such a beauty, it really makes you think long and hard about how karma works.

Damn. Maybe it’s best i avoid girls until the exams are over. It would suck deep throat if i go all little lulu during the exam and have my head caught up in other dis-concerning matters. Oh well, I guess I’ll stop being so Britney now. bye.



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