My Sweetiepie is extra sweet.

Tomorrow is a special dayy. It’s Aqilah’s birthdayy. that lame but yet pretty girl doesn’t even remember her own birthday. pfft. and now its her birthday and i am wishing her loadss of good wishes and things. waitressku, gembira lahir hari!

so not much is happening w me lately.
got food poisoning at this well known restaurant’s gerai last sunday,
joined this interhouse maths quiz last saturday, won 2nd place and got to know this smart form4 chick-Valentine in the process.
ohh, and i dont know if its because i have a weak spot for pretty girls or what but i am totally in lust with this gorgeous girl i got to know. I lust, she lust, we all lust.
Apparently aside from that, lately i seem to be emitting this girl repelling frequency vibe thing. Bad luck w the babes. haha. But then… recently me and Diane, my classmate has been chatting more often. It seems that my girl repellant effect doesnt affect her. uh oh. tweng tweng twengg.
“hey baby”* me immitating Diane’s sexy man ish voice*



4 thoughts on “My Sweetiepie is extra sweet.

  1. Ohh you’ve said that again.(X I’m glad someone did appreciate that voice as much as I do.HAHA.Anyways,I’ve heard Nazreen said the result is out today but I see nothin’ through google.):

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