Qualifying marks.

marks updated.*

With everything in my life being uprooted and refrigerated at the moment due to the harsh exam times my way, i have unknowingly replanted everything back in order without thought of anything else in that matter.

I once told myself that i’m going to halt my excessive piece of mind with animals and no more going out, girls and well… the whole nine yards if you must know. 3 months of rigorous studying and then i can go jump off a cliff if god allows me to but nooo. I have to go and go back on my promise and do everything i’m not supposed to. gawdd.

I need someone to tie me up onto a chair, stock several glucose IV drip bags and connect them to my arm, put an electric buzzer on both my ass cheeks and lock me in a room for a week with nothing but my Amaths teacher- Sheikh Peer and a megazagillion sticks of crayons to shove in my ears. the non oil based crayons.

I bet in 30 years i would be telling my kid or godkid to spend these 3 months studying. I hope that doesn’t make me a pre-hipocrit. so here are my marks so far.

English- 86%


D maths-80%




Add maths-42%

B.Melayu- 55%

Min marks for a distinction in this qualifying exam is 70 FYI. damn. i lost my ‘best bio mark’ title this time around. oh well.. i still have english.that’s still something right?



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